LeDeR is a service improvement programme to improve services for people with a learning disability and autistic people.

Established in 2017 and funded by NHS England and NHS Improvement, it is the first of its kind and was created to improve care, reduce health inequalities and prevent people with a learning disability dying sooner than the general population.  From late  2021 LeDeR will include improving services for autistic people too.

LeDeR reviews

LeDeR reviews are about looking at the life of a person with a learning disability and/or who are autistic who died and finding out about the health and social care services which that person received throughout their life. It is not a mortality review because its purpose is not to find out why that person died nor is it an investigation into their death.

We look at the person’s life and the care they received so we can improve services. We do this by looking for potential areas which require improvement, areas we can learn from, and examples of good practice which can be replicated across the country to help reduce inequalities in care for people with a learning disability, and help reduce the number of people dying sooner than they should.

So far, we’ve completed over 9000 reviews and  have found out lots of information and learning on the best way to carry out these reviews.  The data and evidence from those reviews can be used to make a real difference to health and social care services across the country.